The Inverness County Council of the Arts (ICCA) is a charitable, not-for-profit organization established in 1984 with a vision: to nurture, enable, and promote the artistic expression and fulfillment of all people.

ICCA is comprised of a volunteer Board of Directors, a full-time staff of four, and a large membership and volunteer base. These individuals place a high value on arts, culture, and heritage. Over the years, ICCA has been involved in various art exhibits, musical and theatrical performances, and cultural education opportunities.

In 1996, ICCA partnered with Human Resources Development of Canada on the Heritage Arts Research Project to conduct a survey. A focus group of 70 people and 460 randomly selected households were questioned about their desirability of having a centre for arts, culture, and heritage in Inverness County. Results found 96% of respondents were supportive.

And so it began; the project of creating the Inverness County Centre for the Arts was underway. The vision for the centre was to create a versatile presentation and performance venue, taking into consideration the needs and desires of county residents. Construction of the centre began in January 2002, on a hilltop in the small village of Inverness. Over a year later, the centre was complete.

The Inverness County Centre for the Arts is a unique venue suited to a variety of exhibitions and events. The 8, 640 square foot centre is located in a tranquil setting, and has ample parking to accommodate large groups.

Our professional exhibition space showcases the talents of local and world-renowned artists. The gallery space includes a main gallery with an observation balcony and adjacent outer gallery. We offer a spacious, naturally lit studio to host seminars, demonstrations, and instructional classes. The inspiring ocean views make the studio a perfect setting for private studio space.

Our large reception room is designed to accommodate a number of occasions, including meetings, conferences, luncheons, social gatherings, and musical performances. The space includes a raised performance stage, complete catering kitchen, bar, and full audio and video equipment.